Margo Geitz

My vision was very bad and getting worse; fuzziness.

I had corneal scars with glasses in both my eyes


I head of Dr. Gulani through numerous News Interviews in Newspaper/ TV. Another well known Lasik surgeon said “he wouldn’t touch me.”


Dr. Gulani performed Advanced Laser Vision Surgery on me and I saw so well. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and would recommend him to all.


 Recenlty I also had my cataract surgery and I am doing so well.

 Vision is greatly improved, enjoying confidence in driving and work related activities; distance vision much better.


I believe there is None better than Dr. Gulani and I shall absolutely refer friends and family to him.


Margo Geitz

Paralegal: Jacksonville, Florida

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Bruce Buchanan

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Nancy Matthews

For the first time in a long time I’, freed of my glasses. I’m retired and do a lot of gardening.  I don’t fear my glasses sliding off my face while I garden as before.


My eye doctor who herself underwent Dr. Gulani’s Laser vision surgery referred me to him explaining that he does the full range of vision surgeries and could help my cataracts and very farsighted eyes.


My experience at Gulani Vision Institute was very warm and caring.


Dr. Gulani performed my Advanced Cataract Surgery and I can see distance and near without glasses.  I’m very grateful!


I feel extremely good.  I’m free and can see again.


I will refer any patient who wants to see their best to Dr. Gulani.


Nancy Matthews

Jacksonville, Florida

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Ramdulari Yadav

I and my wife, Mrs Ramdulari Yadav, had visited Gulani Vision Institute for eye checkup of self and eye checkup and cataract operations of both eyes for my wife.

I am writing to express our thanks and gratitude, specially on behalf my wife as she knows Hindi only, to Doctor Gulani and staff members of Gulani Vision Institute for excellent treatment and experience during course of our visits for treatments.

My wife’s both eyes had  cataracts and left eye had scar and childhood injury that impacted vision more in left eye.

We met Dr Gulani in his free eye checkup camp in Hindu Temple. People, in temple and in my office Merrill Lynch , spoke a lot about Dr Gulani's expertise.

I and my wife had very excellent experience at GVI with Dr Gulani and his staff members. 

We have very warm feelings about Dr Gulani. 

My wife's visions are very clear in right eye. She is able to see with left eye that was clinically blind before operation.  She is very comfortable with her visions.

After our personal experience of my wife's eye treatment and interactions during the pre and post cataract surgery our opinions about Dr Gulani's expertise, surgical skills and making patient feel totally comfortable had been reinforced to what we heard about him. 

  • We would recommend other patients, specially with vision complications,  not only in USA but where ever we are  in the world to GVI.
  • I would like my own cataract surgery also to be done by Dr Gulani at later date.
  • Further I would recommend Indian patients with vision complications  to Dr Gulani.
  • I would suggest to Dr Gulani, when his time and convenience permits, to visit India to treat some patients there  and more for sharing is knowledge , experience and surgery techniques with  Indian eye doctors too.

My wife blesses Doctor Gulani to live long , achieve still greater expertise in the areas of eye treatments, serve the patients and humanity to overcome their vision deficiencies, and spread his knowledge and expertise to future doctors to carry on the mission of eye care.

Mr. Jairaj and Ramdulari Yadav


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Ursula Stephens

My vision was bad and I had headache at times.

I read an article in the news paper some years ago about Dr. Gulani’s pioneering surgeries. Having read the article made me decide and came to Dr. Gulani.

Dr. Gulani is a Very professional and a warm personality.

He designed my cataract surgery for complete excellence. I am excited about my sight and thankful.

Dr. Gulani truly represents the most sought after in his field! His personality is a plus.

I would recommend him to anyone anywhere!

Ursula Stephens

Jacksonville, Florida

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Eddie Bides

Hi, Dr. Gulani,
Here is one of the pictures we told you about.  Eddie threading a needle.  We were on vacation at Cocoa Beach in May; Eddie had 2 pair of pants that were new and he had to hem them up a bit (it's hard to find a 28 length).  He had absolutely no problem threading that needle -- even in less than perfect light.  I asked why he didn't turn the lamp on, and he said he didn't need it!
W'll try to get you some more this summer.
Thanks for all you've done for him, Dr. Gulani -- we'll see you soon.
Iva (Earlene) Bides
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Hardy Barwick


My vision was very bad at twilight, I had cataracts, I could not see at all and everything was a strain to see.


Dr. Jeff Jacqumein referred me to GVI 


My experience couldn’t have been better, Dr. Gulani is very good explaining my problem before the surgery since I was a high risk patient.


I trust Dr. Gulani all the way and would recommend him highly.


I can see much more clearly now than before surgery thanks to Dr. Gulani’s skills.


Very professional all the way with all my problems with my eyes, it is great to have the trust I have in him.


Yes indeed, in fact I have already recommended Dr. Gulani to a friend of mine who has only one eye.


Hardy and Joyce Barwick

Jacksonville, Florida

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Marie Reynolds

Poor vision is so disabling. My concerns were high as to driving my automobile. Not being able to see well endangers you, for example, falling or tripping over things.


            First, I read in daily paper about Dr. Gulani.  Then, I talked with my friend Dr. Lavern Kline and decided this was where I wanted to go-Gulani Vision Institute.


            The atmosphere amazed me when I first walked in. It was so peaceful, efficient, professional, and I received personal attention from not only Dr. Gulani but his staff as well. He is truly changing people’s world of vision. I feel so blessed and privileged to have him taking care of my eyes.


            It is wonderful to be able to see everything clearly. The grass is greener, the sky is brighter, sunsets are marvelous, reading and TV is clearer. Just think “I shall be with the sight I was born with”. It is a miracle!


            Dr. Gulani makes you feel as if you are the only person in the world when he is talking with you. He answers your questions thoroughly talking with you, educating you about the procedures of the eye surgery you will have. Even after surgery, Dr. Gulani continues to educate his patients about their care.


I will absolutely recommend Gulani Vision Institute to anyone! I am so thankful for my new eyes that enable me to see the world clearly!


Marie M. Reynolds

25 January 2005

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Patient Title-Phyllis Johnson



My cataracts were severe, and I had difficulty driving in heavy traffic.My optometrist recommended Dr.Gulani for the cataract surgery.My experience at Gulani Vision Institute was comfortable and exciting with new challenges.I’m glad I took Dr.Sherer’s advice, and had the operations. It’s like being given a new life!

My vision now is great…now I’m seeing with 20/20 vision! Dr. Gulani uses his skills, knowledge, talents, and experience to help others see! I sent his business card to a relative that’s developing cataracts.

Phyllis Johnson

 Jacksonville, Florida

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Patient Testimonial-Marlene Stone


My vision was very bad. I had difficult time seeing anything. I could not drive car. I was refered to Dr.Gulani through Dr. James Hoffman .The experience at Gulani Vision Institute was excellent. Doctor Gulani is wonderful.I can see things now that I could not see in the past. Dr. Gulani takes a personal touch with me and my concerns. Most certainly will recommend Dr. Gulani to others.

Marlene Stone

Orange Park, Florida

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