Cory Callahan

Before my surgery I couldn't even see the "Big E". I have worn glasses since I was in second grade. As an electrician it is important that I be able to see well. Wearing glasses on the job isn't an option and my contacts began to really irritate my eyes.         My girlfriend saw Sara Messer on the news talking about  Lasik Eye Surgery by Dr. Gulani.   Dr. Gulani goes above and beyond. On the day of my surgery he personally called me that night to make sure I was doing well. Dr. Gulani is very thorough and willing to answer questions and spend time making sure you understand the procedure.         I couldn't have found a better doctor than Dr. Gulani; he truly cares for his patients. I couldn't believe how much time he spent with me both before and after the surgery.  The difference is incredible. I have never been able to see as well as I do now. I wake up in the morning and I can read the clock.         Dr. Gulani is very knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients. Because of this I felt very comfortable letting him operate on my eyes.         Dr. Gulani also answered the questions my girlfriend had about the surgery and made her feel very comfortable as well.        I will definitely recommend Dr. Gulani to other patients across the country. The difference he has made in my life is indescribable. Not only Dr. Gulani but his entire staff are awesome, they make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  Dr. Gulani is the best of the best. He goes over and above what is expected to make sure the entire process is as comfortable as possible.   Cory Callahan US Coast GuardJacksonville, Florida  
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Margo Geitz

My vision was very bad and getting worse; fuzziness.

I had corneal scars with glasses in both my eyes


I head of Dr. Gulani through numerous News Interviews in Newspaper/ TV. Another well known Lasik surgeon said “he wouldn’t touch me.”


Dr. Gulani performed Advanced Laser Vision Surgery on me and I saw so well. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and would recommend him to all.


 Recenlty I also had my cataract surgery and I am doing so well.

 Vision is greatly improved, enjoying confidence in driving and work related activities; distance vision much better.


I believe there is None better than Dr. Gulani and I shall absolutely refer friends and family to him.


Margo Geitz

Paralegal: Jacksonville, Florida

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Lasik Complications: Education and Avoidance

Lasik is one of the most successful surgeries in medicine and yet like any surgery does carry risk of complications. Patient education and empowerment in selecting the right Lasik surgeon is an important step in decreasing the incidence of complications. Dr. Gulani teaches Lasik surgeons worldwide to avoid complications by proper patient selection and expertise in the full range of vision corrective surgery. Dr. Arun C. Gulani and Dr. Lee T. Nordan teaching their Lasik Complication Management Course to Lasik surgeons from all over the world at the National Conference (American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery) in California.
Please read the following News Article where Dr. Gulani was recently interviewed regarding his suggestions in helping patients select the right Lasik surgeon - GulaniLasikComplicationInterview.pdfL
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Jenna Gilmore

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Kassandra Pepper

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Testimonial Kassandra Pepper

My vision was not too bad and was easily corrected, however I was getting to a point that I could not wear contacts due to an allergy. I never consulted w any other doctors, besides my eye doctor, because of the recommendation I received for Dr. Gulani.


My aunt (C.J., who had her Laser Vision Surgery with Dr.Gulani and still sees better than 20/20 five years after surgery) had told me about Dr. Gulani.  I had never thought of corrective surgery because the idea scared me, yet when the allergy formed before a planned trip to visit my aunt she insisted I go see Dr. Gulani while I was in town.  The professionalism of the staff and Dr. Gulani's confidence put me at ease, and I felt I could not be in better hands.


I was put at ease.  I feel everyone truly cared about me and getting the best results possible. Any time I call the office I still get the same feeling.  I can not imagine finding a better doctor nor would I even try.

 He is just BRILLIANT!!  But more than that he really cares about his patients and getting them the best results possible.  My vision is perfect, and it makes life so much easier.  No more contacts to clean or buy, or to even put in first thing in the morning.   No glasses that fog in in-climate weather.  These tasks that seemed so mundane took so much time and effort that I didn't even think about until I no longer needed to do them.

My overall opinion of Dr Gulani is one of Astonishment

 He is not only an amazing surgeon with only perfection in mind, but he explains everything to you and in a way that is easy to understand.  He spends as much time with you as needed to make sure you are comfortable, I never felt like I was wasting his time. 

Honestly, when Dr. Gulani was seeing me, I felt like I was the only patient he had to see that day.  The feeling was always, he is doing all he can to make my vision perfect, while making me comfortable. 


 I live in Indiana, and have already had people ask me why I went all the way to Florida when we have plenty of doctors right here that can do the same thing, yet when I tell them about my experience they realize that there are no other doctors at the level Dr. Gulani is at and that these other doctors can not do the same thing. 


So far everyone that I have spoken to that has had Laser vision correction here had a lot of pain or have had to have an "enhancement" or re-surgery.  So yes, I would recommend to anyone to go all the way to Florida to see Dr. Gulani! 


Kassie Pepper

Wheatfield, Indiana
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Mallory Giodano

Before the procedure, my vision did not allow me to drive at night, participate in various athletic games, and even enjoy beautiful scenery.


I was old by my fiancé, Scott Curtin, that Dr. Gulani was an innovator in the field of eye surgery.  I have been wanting to have Lasik done for many years, but I never felt comfortable with allowing someone to operate on my eyes.  Scott made me realze that Dr. Gulani is the best choice.  He has a passion for what he does, he is incredibly brilliant, and most importantly, he puts his patients first.


Dr. Gulani was very attentive to my needs and went out of his way to answer my questions.  He even answered questions that I didn’t know to ask. He determined the procedure that was most suitable for me and helped me understand what the procedure entailed. 


Dr. Gulani has a great respect for his patients.


My vision is incredible now! I am able to see ripples in the water, tiles on the roof, leaves on the tree, blades of grass and birds in the sky from a far distance.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the Lasik corneoplastique.  It is truly a dream come true.  I am looking forward to so many life events now.  Being able to clearly see a football game, go skiing and wakeboarding, play tennis and volleyball again, and even be able to see my fiancé watch me walk down the isle to him.


Thank you Dr. Gulani!


Dr. Gulani performed Lasik Corneoplastique.  He calmed all of my nerves before the surgery by keeping me well informed about the details of the procedure and showing me that I was his primary concern.  Not only was the surgery painless, but it was incredible fast and effective. 


Dr. Gulani is an incredible doctor.  I have already recommended his services to many of my family and friends. 


Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate it more than you know.


Mallory Giodano

Tampa, Florida

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Testimonial Katie Kaleel

My vision was really bad! In the past year I started experiencing problems with my eyes.  Redness and itching.  I kept getting miss diagnosed and that’s when I went to Dr. Gulani. 


My boss, Steve Levkoff, who owns Precision Imaging centers was aware of Dr. Gulani’s Advanced Laser Vision Surgery. So, he set me up with an appointment.


Amazing! Everyone treated me so well, and made me feel so special.  The service was very professional.  I felt very comfortable.


Dr. Gulani is one Doctor who truly cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 


I feel Blessed. I see better than 20/20. I can drive at night, work on the computer and even go out with friends and not have my normal dry itchy eyes not do I have to wear my glasses!


Dr. Gulani is very educated. He loved when you ask questions and he is open to any of them.  He makes sure you understand the full procedure. 


I shall most definitely refer patients to Dr. Gulani! No other facility can even compare to Gulani Vision Institute.  The staff is awesome and patients really are #1!


Katie Kaleel

Medical Technician: Precision Imaging Centers

Jacksonville, Florida

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Riley Family

My vision problem was keratoconus and could not be corrected with glasses or contacts. My vision had a negative impact on my work and home life. I was unable to read comfortably.

 I was referred to Dr. Gulani by my eye doctor. 

My experience here was completely positive. The staff was helpful and professional from my first visit, trough surgery, and post visits.


Dr. Gulani is an outstanding doctor. He was professional and courteous. He emphasized making informed decisions for my care and doing my own research. His innovative approach


My vision is greatly impressed and because I chose to have advanced laser surgery I have no physical limitations or need for corrective lenses.


Dr. Gulani stands head and shoulders above any medical professional I have met in all of these areas.


Yes I will recommed Dr. Gulani.

Philip Riley

Ocala, Florida

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Patient Testimonial-Monique Kelly


I was dependent on glasses/contacts so I felt limited as far as activities. I always had to make sure that I carried an extra pair of lenses “just in case”.I searched the internet and chose Dr.Gulani by the articles about him. I’ve had a very positive experience from start to finish. Everyone treated me very kindly.I respect Dr.Gulani not only for his ability and expertise but also for his passion and devotion to his patients and to his science. I feel great!I feel freedom that I haven’t felt since childhood. Dr.Gulani’s personal touch and his gift for helping me to understand the procedure at my level put me right at ease. He made sure that all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I felt that it was as important for him to know that I had a complete understanding of the procedure and was comfortable with it as it was important for him to know that I trusted him to the procedure. I felt involved in my own care.


Monique Kelley

Ormond Beach, Florida

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