Welcome to the Gulani Vision Blog

Welcome to the Gulani Vision blog! We invite you to visit frequently, so you can stay in contact with us. The relationships we develop and build with our patients and visitors is an important part of our practice. Look for new information, comments and developments by visiting out blog and feel free to add your comments. We really would like to hear from you.
The following is a recent comment from one of our patients: "I had surgery for my Keratoconus with another surgeon in Maryland. My vision was very bad 20/400 and made me nervous about driving at night My eye doctor told me to seek help and said Dr.Gulani was the best and that is what I needed. My experience at GVI has been great, staff is very professional and Dr. Gulani explained everything to my family and I and also to my eye surgeons at the Naval Hospital. I felt very comfortable with his approach Dr. Gulani performed Laser surgery on my previous INTACS and changed my life. I have been afraid that I was going to be classified as legally blind, however now my vision is much better.  It is indeed a blessing to have my vision better Dr. Gulani’s skills are Awesome. He is very passionate about his work, that passion gave me confidence in him." Nurse William Dukes