Fay in Jacksonville: Eye Safety in Hurricanes

We were pelted with strong winds, heavy showers and thunderstorms this last week and weekend. Even though it was Wednesday and Thursday that were initially on advisory and then relaxed, we were surprised by the return of this storm with an added vengeance on Friday. We commend our Lasik patients who had their scheduled Laser Vision Surgery on Thursday and braved the surprise storm next day Friday to show up for their one day postoperative visit. They smiled with their new vision as they expressed their concern over the rest of the day. Hurricanes can cause eye damage and Dr.Gulani has in a previous News Interview classified the modes of eye injury in a hurricane or similar natural calamity:

1. Direct Injury from the storm wind

2. Indirect injury from material carried in the storm wind that can act as high velocity missiles.

You may click on the link below to read one more interview of Dr. Gulani where he outlines injuries to the eye and their prevention

One must follow the advise of the local authorities and additionally wear protective goggles if possible. Wash your eye if material gets into it as that can itself be harmful directly (ie. acids etc) as well as indirectly causing infections. Do remember among other things to carry your important eye drops of long term conditions like glaucoma etc. in the event that you have to evacuate. Do see your eye doctor immediately if you feel that you have injured your eye or if you feel as if something got into your eye. Below is a link from the American Academy of Ophthalmology for your perusal http://www.geteyesmart.org/eyesmart/injuries/index.cfm It is the Hurrican season in Florida so do be cautious and do protect your vision.

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