Back to School: Eye Health & Vision

Most parents like us all have our child’s back-to-school list? Notebooks? Pens? Pencils? Maybe a backpack? Computer? But how about an eye examination? Besides a general health and medical exam, actually an eye exam should be a priority. That’s because vision and ability to see could very well be a direct reason for poor performance or lack of interest in studies and school activities. Children as young as 5 yrs of age can have their exam , then unless there is a noted change in vision or deterioration, annual exams from ages 6 to 19. The exam is detailed yet painless. It allows not only a measure of the child's vsion and eye health but also vision development. Besides history and medical condition questions, it involves vision testing at near and far distances, eye coordination and eye muscle function to ensure the eyes are working in sync with one another, the ability to change focus easily from near to far and vice versa, depth perception and eye-hand-foot coordination. Special emphasis should also prevail to look for lazy eye, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, crossed-eyes and color vision deficiencies and recommend any appropriate treatment such as glasses or vision therapy, which the child needs I see so many Lasik candidates who present with lazy eyes which could have been prevented by early detection in childhood. I wish to reiterate the need for eye checks and health evaluations and their direct impact on performance in school as well as protection and care as parents and children gear up for Back to School week. Please see your eye doctor and do utilize the school vision screenings when available.
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