Rose Ann Tornatore celebrates her vision improvement with Dr. Gulani

I had to wear glasses constantly. This was very irritating. I was recommended to Dr. Gulani by a friend who was referred by another eye surgeon. This friend of mine was very happy with his Laser Surgery outcome with Dr. Gulani.

From the moment you enter the Gulani Vision Institute, you realize this is the place that can help you see again. My experience at Gulani Vision Institute has been A++. The equipment, people, facility are all “state of the art.”

There are different procedures that Dr Gulani advises and personalizes to each patient, not just a “cut & dried” let’s do Lasik approach. He presents many different alternatives, choices based on present, past, and future of your own personal situation.

I chose to do Cataract surgery with ReStor Multifocal lenses & then Lasik because of my individual eye status. I can now read without glasses. My vision couldn’t be better. Also the merits of this procedure for me will be to my benefit later in life too.

Dr. Gulani is very kind & personable, I have never been an easy patient & he makes you feel important.

I will take this one step further and also do Dr. Gulani’s “No-Stitch” human placenta surgery for Pinguecula as a cosmetic procedure.

I would come to see him and refer him to patients anywhere in the world. It’s worth the investment.

I have brought my friend up from Daytona to have surgery with Dr. Gulani

Rose Anne Tornatore - Daytona Beach, Florida

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